A lot of you have been reaching out, asking what happened since my last post. The big question. . . 

Did I leave?

I was truly ready to make the leap and put this chapter behind me – I know you felt that in my words. I worked on a plan to secure a new future, and that hard work paid off with an offer in early March. 

That Monday morning I worked up the courage to talk to the head of our department. Of course, her morning was fully booked and I had to request she make time, as it couldn’t wait. I think in that moment, she knew. 

I sat down and tried to make small talk, but then dived on in. I expressed my unhappiness and what drove the decision. I talked about the new role and why I was going to take it. I was very honest in how we got here and why it wasn’t working. 

Later that day we had another conversation about the work and what would need to change for me to even consider staying. And I was presented with an option to make those changes, starting immediately.

If I stayed. 

I had my mind made up, so to be presented with an option that appealed to me, really put me in conflict. For 3 days I created pros and cons lists. I asked questions on both sides. I talked it over with family and friends. I created spreadsheets that compared apples to apples. I took 3 days to get as much information as I could, to make what felt, like, a life altering decision. 

At that crossroad, I felt like I was making an educated decision, but it was still a leap of faith. 

I stayed. 

Flash forward to today, do I feel like it was the right decision? 

Well, they honored the changes. My role instantly became more of what I wanted for myself and my future. We continue to carve out this path that wasn’t available to me before. 

Then the pandemic started and with everything that has happened in the world, who knows how things would have turned out. If I would even still have a job right now, had I left. 

So, at the end of the day, I think the decision to stay, was the right one for this moment in time.

1 thought on “crossroads

  1. I’m so happy for you that it worked out! It took a lot of courage to speak up and I’m glad you got to hear from them how valuable they consider you or else they would have let you go.


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