I’m sitting on the couch, eating my breakfast, and watching some television when Kelley calls.

“Did you know the cat is outside?”

I immediately drop what I’m doing and run outside in my slippers. I check the yard – he’s gone.

He’s gone.
What do I do.

I ran inside double checking the house, to make sure he really wasn’t there. He isn’t.

He’s gone.
I’m panicking.

He’s deaf and an indoor cat. I need to find him – now. I throw some shoes on and head back outside. Bra-less, sweating, crying I’m checking the property again.

I’m freaking out.


Ruckus. I admit, not the best name for a cat, but it’s the name we gave him. I remember when my ex-boyfriend and I got this cat. The Kitty Connection, a cat rescue, had posted a picture of a kitten that caught our eye. My then boyfriend was obsessed with a video game, Portal, and this kitten had eyes that resembled the portals within the game. We had no intention of adopting him, but when we met him, we fell in love. We originally named him Portal, but the name didn’t feel right. Shortly after welcoming him to our home, we realized this cat was a handful. He knocked everything off everything. Every surface needed to be cat proofed. He caused quite the ‘ruckus’ – that’s how his new name was formed.

We soon discovered Ruckus was deaf and although he remained a pain in the butt, we made a commitment to saving this cat, and so we carried on.

When myself and that boyfriend broke up, he left me with the cat and so that responsibility became solely mine. I would not say I’m a cat person, but I am an animal person. So, my need to save an animal often outweighs my preference in pet.

Ruckus was king of the house. He did what he wanted, when we wanted. He was not your cuddly, snugly cat.

Ruckus slapping Chance

Flash forward: I move in with Richard and Chance, we foster a variety of dogs, we adopt Cane, and we take in my grandparents senior cat, Kittu. Ruckus remains the dominant figure among them all. He doesn’t back down and lets everyone know who he is. I will say, he has softened a bit. He may not be a lap cat, but he loves sleeping in the bed with us and he cuddles up next to me on the couch, something he never did as a kitten.


He also charges Kittu, attacks Cane’s tail, and poops on the floor. So, 7 years later, he’s still causing a ruckus.

Cat person or not, I love him. He’s been in my life 7 years, heck, his face is tattooed on my leg. When I realized he was gone, I was devastated.


I walked up and down my street at least 7 times now. I’m looking in driveways, under cars, I’m asking neighbors if I can check their yards. Every person I pass, I ask if they’ve seen him. He can’t be far, it’s been an hour, right?

I’ve texted all my neighbors, I’ve posted on Nextdoor, I asked Kelley to come help me look.

I’ve sweating profusely at this point. I go back in quickly, put on a bra and a clean shirt. I grab Chance, somehow hoping he’s going to sniff him out. I start lapping the block. Continuing to talk to every single person I walk by. Expanding my search because I’ve looked in the immediate area for over an hour now.

We are on hour 2, I can’t go in without finding him. I just can’t. I’m running through next steps. Where do I even print fliers?

I’m coming down our street, after another lap. As I approach my house, I see him. He’s just sitting on the neighbors porch, as if nothing happened. I run to him, scooping him up, giving him kisses, and yelling at him for doing this to me.

Oh my gosh. What a start to my day. I’m so thankful Kelley saw him on my Nest camera. I’m so thankful I found him.

I think I learned today, I love this cat even more than I thought I did.


1 thought on “ruckus

  1. Mine did the same thing to me, got out. I freaked as mine are indoor cats. He had popped out the screen on the window and had managed to find his way to the feral cat colony i took care of. So when they ran he went with them. Took an entire day to get him in after i found him with them…thankfully all was well and no one was hurt…glad you found yours!


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