he did what?!

I thought I married the perfect man. I thought our love could withstand anything. What I didn’t know, was I married a monster.

It was a day like any other. I went to work and was arriving back at home. I placed my bags down and entered our living room. That is when I saw it. That is where I saw my husband do the unthinkable.

Richard was biting into a kiwi. Biting into a kiwi with the skin still on. Eating it like an apple.

In horror, I shrieked, what are you doing?! To which he tried to explain that this was the normal way to eat kiwis. I know, and you know, this is not normal. Then the questions arrive, what other secrets does this man have. Who did I marry?

He did tell me a story once, where he tried an avocado for the first time with the skin on. I should have known. Why are his instincts to eat the skin of all foods? What’s next, bananas!?

My name is Alicia, and my husband eat kiwis like apples, fur skin in all.

Chance, sporting a kiwi neck pillow, is not amused.

If you eat the skin yourself, I need to know. Not in smoothie form either. If you eat the whole kiwi, please comment below. Richard has been searching to find someone like him.

Story Update:

Richard would like everyone to know he didn’t know how to eat the avocado when he first tried it. He has since been eating it like the rest of us.

He stands by his kiwi eating. 


3 thoughts on “he did what?!

  1. Sounds like a great guy, you should be lucky to have him!


  2. omg so funny


  3. WHAT OMG HOW. I can’t even eat a peach without cutting off the skin. I hate peach fuzz.


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