Thursday morning, my husband and I decided to take a mini adventure and head up to Acadia National Park. This was our first time up there, and man oh man have we been missing out.

First, let’s start with the drive up. It was a little hop, skip, and jump away at 284 miles. I thought the drive was going to be worse than it was, but it honestly wasn’t bad. Took us just under 5 hours to get there. We split the ride, had lots of snacks on hand, and stopped at rest stops to stretch the legs. Oh, and to take photos like this:

Richard and Smokey

On our way to our Airbnb, we stopped at Acadia National Park Hulls Cove Visitor Center where we got our passes and watched a little video about the island. It was a little too early for check in, so we took this time to drive the park loop and go up to Cadillac Mountain. The views, are just breathtaking.

Top of Cadillac Mountain

From there we headed to our Airbnb, which was in Bar Harbor, the Cadillac Mountain View Suite. I don’t say this lightly, it was one of the best Airbnb’s I’ve stayed at. So much better than the pictures! It was in the heart of downtown, which was great because we got to walk everywhere and just leave the car. Having a dedicated parking space in a busy tourist spot is great (one less stress to worry about for someone that gets stressed easily). It was SO clean, and comfortable. If (when) we go back, I will definitely look to stay here again.

Bar Harbor itself is an adorable town. Lots of tourist spots to shop, eat, or plan an adventure. Were things a little pricey? They sure were, but that was to be expected in the area we were in, which clearly is a tourist area. Did I buy things anyways? Yup. Things I needed? Nope. I felt like every time we walked down Main Street, we’d find a new shop I didn’t notice before, so I of course had to check it out. We took strolls at sunset along the water and indulged in a lot of ice cream. When I say indulge, I mean INDULGE. Richard loves seafood, so he got to enjoy a lot of lobster and mussels. He also got to try new beers on tap, that we don’t see at home. His exact words coming home were “we ate like kings”. I joked that HE ate like a king, I ate like a child (hello pizza and fries). For the record, I do eat other things, but I don’t like seafood, and when you’re in seafood country you’re left with limited menu options.

Richard climbs a rock in Bar Harbor

My favorite part of the trip, was the hiking. With the weather expecting humidity of 97%, we started our day early to get a jump on the heat. We don’t hike a lot, but I’ve been more active since starting CrossFit, so our plan was to take it one trail at a time and see how we were doing. First up was The Beehive Loop Trail. I’m obsessed with reviews, so the night before I freaked myself out and was like nope! The reviewers said it was scary, and I’m not sure this is for me. I’m glad, that despite my fear of everything, I can push past that fear, and just do it. Whoa, I’m happy I did. If you like views, this hike is for you. It was such a rewarding hike. Lots of climbing straight up, using bars to assist, but when you get to the top, breathtaking. As we started to descend, we decided to extend the hike going Gorham Mountain Trail, and then finishing off with Ocean Path Trail. It was about 3 hours of hiking, in what felt like a Bob Ross painting. It feels unreal when you stop to just look around at the beauty around you.

Up the Beehive Trail I go

Richard’s favorite part of the trip (you know besides eating like a king), was our kayaking trip along the west side of the island. For those of you that don’t know me in real life, just know most things make me anxious. Richard is used to me freaking out before any new experience and this was no different. From the moment we were pushed off into the ocean, I was panicking. Imagine this, everyone turning themselves around all quietly, and you have me bickering with Richard bumping into docks, holding paddles wrong, sheer panic. I eventually calmed it down, and we start getting the hang of it. But anytime Richard so much as tips the boat slightly to one side, I was like “RICHARD! STOP IT!” The other couples, must have been like this lady is insane. I’d say, halfway through I was much calmer and at that time, could start to look around and enjoy myself. We got to see eagles, and about 50 seals as we quietly made our way up the coast. Got caught in a rain storm, but despite Richard thinking that would make me panic, I was actually pretty amused with the situation. 3 hours later, we pulled up to shore and headed back in. I think in the future I’ll stick to a single person kayak, to not test our marriage!


Because we were only there through the weekend, there was only so much we could get in, but we feel we utilized our time well and hit all the “must see” spots. This trip can easily be a long weekend, and now that we’ve done it once, I’m certain we’ll be back to explore the areas we didn’t have time to get to.

For me personally, not only was it a good long weekend, but it was a good break from the grind. I tend to allow myself to get very overwhelmed with work, and with the list of things I can never seem to get done. I also have good balance, and then somehow things get all out of whack and I feel so off. So, taking a long weekend now and again, centers me again. Allows me to catch my breath and feel refreshed coming back into the swing of things. So that good weekend, is allowing me to have a better Monday today.

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