I wanted to share an experience I had this past April while on a service trip with Last Hope K-9 Rescue.

Well first, lets rewind a little…

For those of you that don’t know, I am an advocate for animals, and often volunteer with different rescue groups. Currently, I’m volunteering with Last Hope K-9 Rescue, which is an all breed, 100% volunteer run, dog rescue here in New England. This past April, I went to Arkansas with LHK9 to assist different shelters with projects they needed help with. The trip had a huge impact on me and it put rescue in an even more important light. I want to share something I wrote while there.

Stuttgart Animal Control

It’s Saturday, and finally we’re at the shelter I was eager to see, Stuttgart. You see I adopted a pittie named Cane 2 years ago, and this was the shelter he was from.

A&R 2017 (451)
Picture by: Janeé Cicero

At home, while we shower him with love and kisses, I always wondered where he came from. And seeing the shelter in person, I’m not going to lie, it was hard. I know he came from here, but I honestly can’t imagine it. Not only did I get to see where he came from, but I also got to meet his Southern foster mom, Lissa. She and I had a special moment and got to share our experiences about this very special boy.

Speaking of special boys, today I was on puppy duty. This is Mallow, as in Marshmallow:


Unfortunately, Mallow has potentially been exposed to Parvo, is malnourished, and isn’t up to date with shots, so I wasn’t able to walk him with the other pups, so I rocked him like he was my baby boy. I spent most of my time at Stuttgart bonding with this puppy. We gave him a bath, checked him for heart-worms, got him a dose of flea/tick meds, and showered him with love. He started off scared, but a little time with him, and he was bouncing around and loving up on everyone. Because his paws couldn’t be on the ground, we let him run around in a volunteer’s car. It’s heartwarming to watch a pup go from scared to just being a happy puppy. At one point he jumped on my back and grabbed my braid like a toy, it was the most adorable thing!


Saying goodbye to a dog you just bonded with is so difficult. Placing him back in his kennel, walking away, hearing the crying, and not knowing what’s next. . . breaks your heart. I just hope, he felt the love we all gave him. I hope he felt like every puppy should feel, if even for a few hours. And I hope, like my Cane, he makes it out.

You can read about the entire trip on the Last Hope K-9 Blog

If I get an update on Mallow, I’ll be sure to post it here. As of today, he’s still in AR battling some medical conditions.

**Update: Mallow has made his way up to Massachusetts! He hasn’t yet found his fur-ever home, but he is up for adoption. You can check out Mallow and all dogs up for adoptions here: Adopt Me

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