why am i here?

Not in a larger, why are we all here, but why am I blogging?

Since, really as far as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed writing. Whether that meant keeping a diary or taking more advanced writing classes come high school. Writing my thoughts and feelings always came easier than expressing them vocally.

For some reason, I never explored that further, and eventually stopped writing.

Flash forward, it’s 2016 and I just got engaged. I felt inspired to write our story and make a wedding website. I felt happy just writing out how we met and how the proposal happened and it made me want to write more.

**Update: You can now read those posts here: 

Our Story

The Proposal

2017 comes and we write our own vows; I’m thrilled with how it all came out. I said to myself, I want to start writing again, but I don’t right away. It feels overwhelming to start. Do I even have the time?

Now here we are. It’s July 29, 2018 and I’m not great with computers (as far as this stuff goes), but I’m telling myself to stop with the excuses and figure it out!

And so, my journey begins, sharing my thoughts with you. I’ll always be honest and write from my heart.

Thank you for this support


(Feature Picture by Janeé Cicero)

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