the great butterfinger kitkat debate

As promised from my first post, I wanted to share the story of how I met my husband, Richard. After all, this is what inspired me to come back to writing.

How did Alicia & Richard come to be you ask? It was January 2014 and Alicia found herself scrolling through a popular dating site. Yes, a dating site. She comes across this profile that states Butterfingers are his favorite candy? Butterfingers?! How can that be anyone’s favorite candy? Not knowing anything else she feels compelled to question this horrendous candy choice. And so she does. She writes a witty (smart-ass) message outlining why Butterfingers are gross and questioning the person who loves them enough to mention it in a dating profile. Richard snaps back with the same amount wit, defending his choice and questioning her favorite, KitKats. The debate goes on all night, and the two decide this banter should be carried on to a date. They exchange numbers and start to text every day. They date for 2 months. Fun filled nights of dinner, drinks, bowling, and ice skating.

Then tragically, they part ways.

3 months pass and Alicia sits on her couch thinking to herself, what ever happened to that Richard kid. And so she texts him. Richard was pleasantly surprised to hear from Alicia. He loved the time they had spent together in the past and he knew this was the type of girl he wanted to be with. Not wanting her to slip away again, he suggests they meet up. The two seem to pick up right where they left off. Night after night they start talking more and more, and see each other frequently. Romantic walks at Castle Island, Richard chasing those turkeys at bowling, and so much laughter. This time around, they knew this was it. This was the person that they were about to spend the rest of their lives with.

I guess we have Richard’s love of that terrible candy, to thank for this blooming relationship. But I think we can all agree, KitKats are far superior to Butterfingers.

(Feature Picture by Janeé Cicero)

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