the barkbox proposal

Richard wanted to truly surprise Alicia. They had talked about getting married, so she knew this was coming in the near future. She can also be quite observant (and perhaps nosey), so he knew this was going to be tricky to do something that wouldn’t set off alarms in her head. After picking a ring, he knew she’d love, he waited for the right moment. The ring sat in his pocket for a week. A nice dinner, a walk through the park, nope it just didn’t feel right. So the ring sat. Then on May 17, 2016 he saw that BarkBox’s were being delivered and at that moment he knew this was it! He rushed home before Alicia, opening the BarkBox, planting the ring right on top. He then sealed the box back up, set up a camera, and waited…

Alicia came home that day, just like any other. It was a Tuesday after work and she was delighted to see the BarkBox – like always. She picked up the box, unknowingly moving out of the camera’s eye. She called the dogs over and proceeded to open the box to hand out toys and treats. A toy for Chance, a toy for Cane. Richard waited anxiously, as the ring must of fallen to the bottom of the box. Finally, Alicia sees the ring. Confused, and thinking, wait is that part of a toy. “Wait no, did you put a ring in the BarkBox” she exclaims and covers her mouth. Richard proceeded to try to get on one knee, two big dogs crushing him as they just want their new treats

“Alicia, I love you, will you make me the happiest man” he said.

And she, all giggles and smiles, gave him a huge hug “YES!”




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